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I have heard a lot of people weeping that getting a job is one of the hardest tasks in the planet right now, well that is because they do not have the knowledge needed to get one. In this article I have listed down a few steps to getting a job with less stress.

First Step

  • Know the Company you are intending to apply for and the problems and challenges it’s facing: This the most vital part of seeking for a job. Getting to know the companies challenges and being able to come up with a solution will give you an edge during the interview, as you will use their problems as examples when explaining challenges faced by businesses of its kind(the company in mind), and as well proffering solutions. They will automatically see you as a valuable asset needed by the company. This alone could give you an automatic employment.

            |Learn the Companies challenges and resolve to finding out solutions to them|

Second Step

  • Get yourself a standard CV, that describes you better than words. What I mean is this, let it be as though you were dumb and the only means to really tell your worth and your personality were in writing.

    |Never plan to describe yourself better than your CV does|

Third Step

  • Look presentable. If you are bad in dress code, find someone who could help you. Companies of high standard need smart and good looking workers, and I believe that’s were you plan to work, unless am wrong.

|Always look good to an interview. It matters|


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